…urged to make symbiotic relations with the media

By Clayton Shereni

MASVINGO residents have been challenged to pull up their socks and
lead the pack in the preservation of their surrounding environments
which have of late been marred with rampant littering and poor
protection of biodiversity.
This came out during a two-day environmental reporting training for
professional and citizen journalists which was organized by
EnviroPress at Civic Centre recently.
Great Zimbabwe University (GZU) Lecturer, Dr. Gift Gwindingwe,
challenged the general populace to be front-liners in the preservation
of the environment and avoid shifting responsibilities to other
“As citizens, we should take care of our immediate environment and
forests, we shouldn’t be negligent and leave everything to the local
authority and other stakeholders. As citizens, you should give
prominence to the environment because you have a critical role to play
in the preservation of the community and environment at large.
“The reason why we should guard the environment jealously is that we
own the land and everything on it. We must educate the community about
the importance of a clean and safe environment,” said Dr Gwindingwe.
He also called upon residents to partner with media organizations in
amplifying the voices for a clean and safe environment.
“Issues compromising the environment should not only be discussed at
annual events. The environment beat has been under-reported and I
believe citizens are news tributaries. As citizens, we should build
symbiotic relations with media professionals who will use their news
dissemination channels to convey credible environmental news for the
the benefit of the community and avoid misleading other ordinary
citizens” added Dr. Gwindingwe.
His sentiments come at a time when the world is battling to control
issues of the climate challenge and calls for the public to help reduce
environmental hazards which are usually a result of negligence.
Enviropress Director, Moses Ziyambi, implored those who attended to be
ambassadors of a clean environment especially in residential areas
where there are sprawling illegal dumpsites.
“Let us be ambassadors of a clean and healthier environment. We
mustn’t just blame the council for not collecting garbage on time yet we
are contributing immensely through dumping pampers and litter at
undesignated points,” Ziyambi said.
The City of Masvingo has been struggling to collect refuse as scheduled
due to a constrained fleet of refuse compactors and this has prompted
many residents to lose patience, therefore, proceed to dump the litter
The city has of late witnessed dumping of waste in Mucheke River by
many companies situated in the Industrial area.
This has also had a major effect on the flow of water and the health of
locals since the waterbody streams into Lake Mutirikwi which is the
city’s main water source.

This report was made possible through support from WAN-IFRA’s
Strengthening African Media Project: Environmental and Climate Change
Reporting. Views expressed here do not belong to WAN-IFRA.