…as villagers express dismay over his actions

By Trust Rukwava

ZAKA- Whilst the country is still seized and divided on whether the
Private Voluntary Organizations (PVO) Bill should sail through, a Zaka
legislator is seeking closure of a local Non-Governmental Organization
(NGO) operating in his constituency, Centre News can reveal.
Ruling party Zanu PF legislator for Zaka Central, Davison Svuure has
torched a storm after he wrote a letter to Zaka District Development
Coordinator (DDC), Memory Dhliwayo, pleading with her to ban
operations of Tzuchi Foundation an affiliate of Miriro Trust.
Svuure accuses Councilor for Zaka Ward 13, Manfred Mada, of pursuing a
political agenda to contest in the 2023 harmonized elections thereby
distributing food aid through the foundation to gain political ground.
In a letter to the DDC which was seen by Centre News, Svuure said the
organization was drifting from its mandate after it was ‘captured’ by
Cllr Mada who is the organization’s coordinator in the area.
“I noted with concern as I observed this organization being hijacked
by Manfred Mada, its local representative, and transformed into a
campaign vehicle in pursuit of his political aspirations. Mr Mada
happens to be councilor for Ward 13, in Zaka Central Constituency, a
known political activist and an aspiring candidate for the forthcoming
House of Assembly elections. Mr Mada coordinates the activities of
Miriro Trust/Tzuchi Foundation and he has literally transformed this
organization into a vehicle for his political expediency,” reads the
Sources told this publication that Mada is slowly infiltrating
Svuure’s territory and gaining a lot of political mileage.
This has irked Svuure who has approached the DDC’s office seeking an
urgent halt of the organization’s programs in the constituency which
he says was operating without his blessings and behind his back.
“The establishment and operations of campaign agents disguised as
‘volunteers’ must be banished forthwith until consultations have been
done by relevant leadership and stakeholders and have their role
clearly defined.
“The operations of Tzuchi Foundation in Zaka Central Constituency,
just like it is with any other PVO in the district must be undertaken
only after consultation with your office, and relevant local
leadership which shall include the local Member of Parliament and
Chiefs. These are crucial stakeholders who cannot be ignored,” further
reads the letter.
The sources also further alleged that Svuure is losing support base
since he is not visible in his constituency.

Contacted for Comment, Svuure denied the accusations saying his letter
was misinterpreted by his uneducated rivals.
“If people don’t understand English they must go back to school, I
don’t intend to close any NGO, I think the DDC understood my letter, I
don’t harbor those intentions,’’ said Svuure.
He is also accused of failing to implement meaningful developmental
projects, despite devolution funds and Constituency Development Funds
(CDF) allocations being disbursed to him by the government.
Contacted for comment, Mada refuted claims that he has turned the
organization into a campaign tool ahead of the 2023 elections.
Instead, he accused Svuure of seating on his hands when it comes to
improving livelihoods of people in the constituency.
“As local leadership, we accept operations of an NGO which has a
Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with government and this
organization has one and they are helping alleviate poverty. The issue
here is that the MP is jealous of me because word is doing round that
I am better than him since I am coordinating the food aid and other
projects being implemented by the NGO.

“Sometimes I use my money to transport aid from Harare and he once
approached the organization but backed down when he was told that he
has to find own transport to ferry the aid. I am not campaigning but
people in the constituency are the ones who are saying I am better
than him,” said Mada.
A villager who spoke to this publication on condition of anonymity
expressed disappointment with the incumbent MP’s gesture describing it
as a shameful act.
“Veduwe ini ndinogwadziwa nomunhu anonzi Svuure zvokwadi munhu anoita
ruvengo negodo rokugona komunhu kusvika pakumbunyikidza urongwa
hwekupedza nzara munharaunda dzedu achiti vanhu ngavasapiwa chikafu
chinouya nezita remumwe munhu. It’s a shame to see an MP who was voted
into power by the masses blocking donor handouts” said the villager.
Many ruling party legislators in rural constituencies have hogged the
limelight in recent years for rejecting aid whether food or
developmental projects from their rivals or well-wishers perceived to
be tied to opposition political parties.