By Cuthbert Mashoko
In a remarkable gesture of aid, a Rutenga man has rescued five Grade 6 learners who were on the brink of dropping out of school due by paying their tuition fees and pledged to do so until they complete their primary education, Centre News has learnt.
Rutenga growth point based, Reason Nyengera, was recently touched by the plight of the vulnerable pupils and decided to dig into his pockets to pay the fees so that they children’s right to education could not be compromised.
The Rutenga Philanthropist said he decided to offer a helping hand after learning that the vulnerable pupils are smart and have a bright future if their educational expedition is not disturbed.
“Education is a birth right that should be accorded to every child, so having learnt of these pupils’ predicament, I was so much touched and I decided to assist them. I also learnt from their Teachers that they were very bright and smart such that if they are given a chance to proceed with their education they can be an investment to the nation,” said Nyengera.
A parent to one of the beneficiaries who spoke to this publication expressed her gratitude to the benefactor whom she thanked for intervening at a time when they had ran out of options.
“I am really humbled by this gesture of love. May the Almighty bless this man for sparing some funds to help us. We had reached a point where we had left everything in the hands of God, “said the parent.
Rutenga Primary school, Headmaster Tennyson Mukapa, appreciated Nyengera’s benevolent gesture and called upon the business community to rescue other underprivileged pupils.
“I am proud to learn that, amongst us we have people who consider the
welfare of others. I call upon others in  Rutenga Community to consider the welfare of Learners from disadvantaged families” said Mukapa.
Learners from disadvantaged families in rural Masvingo and other remote parts of the country struggle to further their educational journeys due to lack of funds with some even failing to proceed to Secondary education.
Parents in these face financial constraints to raise tuition fees and other educational supporting needs such as stationery which has since become expensive even for the urban folk.
The newly rolled out Competency Based Curriculum calls for an extra mile from the learners as it is capital intensive and demands more practical work.
Information and Communication Tools have also taken centre stage in the education sector and they require stable sources of income from parents.

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