Killer Zivhu

fingers expelled Killer Zivhu as front on the mission.

Centre News Reporter

Controversial, Australian based Zimbabwean socialite, Susan Mutami,has claimed that the ruling Zanu PF has a plot to assassinate her using expelled former Chivi South Legislator, Killer Zivhu.

Mutami took to her microblogging Twitter site to expose the attempt onher life and her family.

“Dear @ZANUPF_Official, muchaurayisa zvima agent zvenyu. My country’ssecurity system will wipe them out like flies if they think they canget close to me and my children. I dare you to try it. Intelligencedzekuno hadzisi dzekwa Sadza just old cheap tricks from an old book.”

She went on to warm Zivhu to stop being used by the ruling party to get to her.

“In Australia we don’t drop CV’s in person everything is done onlineand why would someone visit our country if you can’t afford it. Goodluck with your plans. I’m way ahead of you and iwe Killer Zivhu usangoitiswa zvese zvese,” wrote Mutami.

On the thread, Mutami attached WhatsApp chats with a phone number which she says belongs to Zivhu.

She further accused Zivhu of asking her through a message for a favour to have a relative stay in with her in Australia.

Centre News could not get a comment from Zanu PF over the issue asparty acting spokesperson, Christopher Mutsvanga did not pick up ourcalls.

Contacted for comment, Zivhu was hostile: “Haahaha imi bvunzai Mutami, ask Mutami don’t have time for you,” said Zivhu before hanging up his phone.

Mutami is not new to controversy, she made news headlines last yearwhen she accused Norton Member of Parliament of impregnating her withtwins.

However, when she gave birth it turned out she was not carrying twins as she delivered a single baby boy.

Mutami also claimed that she had a spat of adulterous relationshipwith a number of top Zanu PF Oligarchs including the late ForeignAffairs Minister, Sibusiso Moyo.