….pledges to end double candidature mess in 2023

By Trust Rukwava

Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader, Nelson Chamisa has urged Masvingo urban, Ward 4 by-election candidates Aleck Tabe and Thokozile Muchuchuti to find common ground, in a bid to retain the vacant seat for the party.

Addressing a bumper crowd at Rujeko A grounds in Masvingo yesterday, Chamisa said he as a leader is not in a position to endorse any candidate between the two.

“I cannot endorse anyone between you two but I encourage you to unite and campaign for one candidate who is loved by the people. Our goal as a party is to win and preserve this seat,” said Chamisa.

Chamisa also sternly warned party cadres that those who wish to remain part of the ‘yellow movement’ should promote unity within the party and not sow seeds of division.

He declared that ahead of 2023 elections he will be the only person with the prerogative to sign nomination papers for council and parliamentary candidates.

“My lieutenants here signed nomination papers for both candidates which is very unfortunate. Come 2023 I will be the only one signing nomination papers. We will also engage in massive consultation with the people to avoid imposition of an MP or Councilor,” added Chamisa. Ward 4 fell vacant after Godfrey Kurauone was recalled by Douglas Mwonzora together with three other councilors for siding with Chamisa.