By Trust Rukwava
While the nation is still grappling with the question on whether to
dollarize on not, Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) President,
Nelson Chamisa has promised that when elected into power his
government would usher in a stable currency and better wages for
Chamisa who is on a national campaign trail to canvass support for his
party ahead of Saturday by-elections made the remarks while addressing
thousands of CCC supporters who converged at Rujeko Open Grounds in
Masvingo  on Sunday.
He spoke in reference to calls by Association of Rural Teachers Union
of Zimbabwe (ARTUZ) and most Civil Servants Unions for restoration of
teachers’ salaries to US$540 which was the case during the inclusive
government era.
“The United States Dollar will be our surrogate currency while we
build our gold reserves and critical sectors so that we have our own
local currency which will have value and will be internationally
recognised” said Chamisa.
He also reiterated claims by his deputy, Tendai Biti, that everyone in
all sectors of the economy will be paid their salaries in hard
currency once he is elected into office.
Biti said that they will work to give every civil servant their
salaries in US dollar currency.
“Once we get into power, teachers, soldiers, nurses and every civil
servant will be paid in US dollars. Civil servants are crying for US
dollars and we will give them what they want,” said Biti.
Chamisa sarcastically said that even the incumbent President, Emmerson
Mnangagwa, would also be paid his pension and bonuses in hard currency
once he leaves office after the 2023 elections.
Zimbabwe is currently battling an ailing economy which has led to
spate of industrial actions by Civil Servants, mainly teachers and

Nelson Chamisa and Tendai Biti during the Masvingo rally