…as Chamisa addresses thousands

By Centre News Reporter
The Zimbabwe Republic Police in Masvingo was left with an egg on the face on Sunday after the ruling party which it had attempted to protect by banning CCC rally in Rujeko, failed to hold its two rallies at Mamutse and Mucheke B Arena stadia.
The police on Friday wrote a prohibition notice to CCC leadership saying they could not go ahead with their rally because they lacked manpower to maintain peace since Zanu PF had two rallies on the same day.
The prohibition notice was, however, overturned by a High Court order that gave the opposition the nod to go ahead with their rally.
As if the legal battle humiliation was not enough, ZRP was further embarrassed with the no show by Zanu PF at their proposed venues.
Zanu PF provincial chairman, Robson Mavhenyengwa, said they could not hold their rally at Mucheke stadium because of a soccer match but insisted that the Mamutse rally went ahead as scheduled.
“We could not go ahead with our rally at Mucheke stadium because they was a clash with a football match but we briefly held one at Mamutse, actually I dint attend because I was attending party business elsewhere,” said Mavhenyengwa.
The Centre News, however, passed through Mamutse stadium and it was empty, contrary to Mavhenyengwa claims.
Zanu PF Director of Information, Tafadzwa Mugwadi, confirmed that the rallies were cancelled and said they will try to hold them before elections on Saturday.
“As a party we will see if we can hold the rallies in Masvingo before the elections are held,” said Mugwadi.
CCC secretary for elections, Godfrey Madzikanda, said the police was left affronted after they colluded with the ruling party to fake the two rallies as a way to stop them from holding their star rally.
“The police were exposed by their partners Zanu PF, the move was a deliberate ploy to ban our leader from addressing supporters in Masvingo. Zanu PF didn’t have any rally at all that’s why there were nowhere to be found. The plot was just to bar us from having our rallies, thanks to the High court we held a massive and successful rally,’’ said Madzikanda.
The Centre News could not get a comment from Officer Commanding Masvingo central, Chef Superintendent, and Sibangaliso Dube, who penned the prohibition notice to hear their side over the no show by ruling party.
Political analysts believe that ZRP take instructions from senior Zanu pf officials who use them to disturb political party activities by the opposition CCC ahead of the by elections slated for Saturday.

File picture of ZRP riot police