By Centre News Reporter

CCC supporters at a rally

The newly formed Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) is heavily divided over the pledge made by former Morgan Tsvangirayi’s deputy, Dr Thokozani Khupe, to rally support for their party ahead of Saturday by-elections and future polls.

Some CCC party supporting are arguing that Khupe was up to some sinister agenda aheadof 2023 general polls, while others feel her support would be crucialin unseating the ruling party from power.

The majority of CCC supporters accuse Khupe of being the hinge-lady indestroying the MDC-Alliance and it’s leader Chamisa.

Many supporters believe thatshe may have been sent by the system to spy, basing on herrelationship with the ruling Zanu PF after the 2018 polls.

Some are of the view that the flip flopping iron lady of oppositionpolitics, MaKhupe, as she is affectionately called, aims at returningto acquire an influential position in the ‘Citizens Movement’ in acalculated plot to destroy it from within.

The announcement by Khupe on Monday, in Bulawayo, has degenerated intoa fierce debate and exchange of harsh words among CCC supporters withsome confronting their party leader, Nelson Chamisa on social media to find out if the party has accepted the pledge and her return to the party.

A CCC fan only identified as Zvoushe P, on the micro blogging site Twitter, questioned Chamisa, whether Khupe, would be allowed to asenior position.

“Does Madam Khupe have a place in our front role seat, or she is just a back seater in our bus?” asked Zvoushe.

Chamisa was quick to respond insinuating that Citizens were theowners of the project and are supposed to decide.

“Ndimi varidzi vebhazi tiudzei” said Chamisa, meaning that the Citizens are the owners of the CCC project. Another CCC supporter, concurred in a Whatsapp chat group, saying Khupe could be a snitch sent to infiltrate the movement and destroy it before the2023 elections.

“Yes we know that the Citizens are at the Centre of the party butlet’s not forget that Thoko is an unstable character and a money monger who openly said she is after money. Lets not forget that CCC is a party born of the ashes of Thoko and Dhaghi’s political undertakings,” said the supporter.

This view was quickly shot down by another supporter who argued that CCC needed everyone on board to get 6 million votesnext year.

“This is a citizen movement guys, we need everyone aboard, let her comeand join so that we get her supporters and followers for us to get the 6 million votes needed to oust the ruling party from power. We need a united opposition front,” said the supporter with the username Bambo Mukanya on the Whatsapp chat group.

CCC President Nelson Chamisa once told his supporters that the party would accommodate everyone despite past differences as it is a citizens’ movement.

However, he was quick to point out that leaders would be chosen by thecitizens in a bottom-up approach.

Prominent Investigative Journalist, Hopewell Chin’ono defended Chamisa’s position on Twitter saying Khupe should be accommodated in the movement to defeat the rival ruling Zanu PF.

“Zimbabwe’s main opposition leader @nelsonchamisa made it absolutely clear that ANYONE can join or support the main opposition @CCCZimbabwe, BUT the leaders will be chosen by the Citizens. Even Mnangagwa can join too, but not lead, there is nothing to worry about at all,”(SIC) said Chin’ono.

Some analysts argued that Khupe was vital since she managed to garnerabout 45 000 votes in 2018 and that the votes could make a positive impact ifthey are swinged in favour of CCC in the forthcoming by-elections as well as next year’s general polls.