By Centre News Reporter
AS the country goes into by-elections tomorrow, candidates of
different political parties in Masvingo have expressed optimism to get
positive election results.
Masvingo province has several urban and rural council vacant seats and
two parliamentary available seats in Mwenezi East and Chivi South
Centre News caught up with some candidates vying for the local council
and parliamentary posts to hear their sentiments ahead of the
Zanu PF candidate for Masvingo Urban Ward 3, Taurayi Mudzwiti, said
the people have already decided, insinuating he has already won.
He added that what is left was for him to foster and initiate
development which he says has been lacking over the past two decades.
“It’s obvious I will emerge victorious because people want
development. They are sick and tired of electing people who get into
office for the sake of benefitting and enriching themselves. We are
coming in for development, nothing else. The residents have been
starving for that for the past two decades and that’s what we are
going to give them, so we are going to win there are no two ways about
it,” said Mudzwiti.
One of the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) candidates for Ward 4,
Thokozile Muchuchuti expressed optimism but lamented that the campaign
field was not level.
“It seems like people will vote for me although we started campaigning
just last Monday. Sometimes the other candidate and his campaign team
would denounce me telling people that the president (Nelson Chamisa)
rejected me but the people are now happy after getting to know that
our party president told them to vote for a leader of their choice,”
she said.
Another CCC candidate for the same ward, Aleck Tabe said he was
confident and has no doubt that the electorate will vote in his favor.
“I am 100 percent sure this is certain, we are in charge, we are in
control and definitely we are going to win the election tomorrow. The
ground is okay, the crown is in the mood of voting in favor of me so I
have no doubt tomorrow I am going to win the election,” Tabe said.
Zanu PF parliamentary candidate in Mwenezi East, Master Makope told
this publication that the constituency being a ruling party
stronghold, it was automatic to land a victory resoundingly.
“The ground is fair, people will vote in peace and we are going to win
resoundingly just like always Zanu PF commands Mwenezi East and we
don’t have too much issues of flip floppers so people will support
their party in full force,” Makope said.
Tarusenga Vhembo who is representing MDC-Alliance in Ward 3 after he
was ‘mistakenly’ recalled by his party’s leader said he is bouncing
back to finish pending projects.
“I will be voted back into office because I have many tangible things
that I did in the Ward. What residents voted for me to do is exactly
what I was doing but I have two unfinished projects of a footbridge
and Runyararo West market which I want to pursue when I return to
council,” said Vhembo.
Zimbabwe has 105 council seats 28 parliamentary elective vacancies
which are going to be filled after tomorrow’s election.