By Centre News Reporter


LOW voter turn-out marred most polling stations in wards andconstituencies having by elections in Masvingo province despite the hype that characterized the campaign period.

A visit by the Centre News at most polling stations in Masvingo ward3,4, 5 and 7 revealed that voters were trickling one by one in theabsence of long queues that normally typify voting in the province.

Candidates battling out in the elections were seen roaming around the polling stations taking stock of voters who were coming in to casttheir votes.

Some of the candidates who spoke to the Centre News were optimisticthat the number of voters would increase as the day progressed.

“The turnout is generally low but we are hopeful that the number of voters will pick up as the day progresses.

I also hope that I will bevictorious tomorrow I will be the local councilor of this ward,” said CCC candidate for ward 3, Rocky Kamuzonda.

His bitter rival, Zanu PF candidate, Taurayi ‘Bucho’ Mudzwiti alsoexpressed confident to romp to victory despite the low turn-out ofvoters.

“I am optimisitic to land a resounding victory, you can see voters are coming out to express their wishes peacefully.

There are actually come to vote for me because they are assured of development once I am in, so I expect nothing short of victory,” said Mudzwiti.

However, in Rujeko ward 7, there was high turnout in the morning with amoderate queue at Shakashe Primary School as residents there jostledto cast their votes early in the morning.

The queue, however, fizzled out as the day progressed into the afternoon with voters coming one by one.

A local observer, Prosper Tiringindi said voting went on in a generally peaceful way.

“We have been here since the polling stations opened, the turnout wasgenerally low but voters were casting their votes in a peaceful mannerand we didn’t record any incidents of violence or disturbances,” said Tiringindi.

CCC candidate for Mwenezi East, Tendeukai Mandizvidza said voting wenton well despite reports that village heads had been ordered to leadtheir subjects to the polls.

“Here people are coming to vote peacefully, we have not recorded any incident so far and we are happy that the voting process is going ahead in a good manner.

“I expect to win the elections if this kind of voting continues,” said Mandizvidza.