By Centre News Reporter
Victoria Ranch residents will have to wait a little bit longer for them to enjoy full services from the City of Masvingo since there is no concrete agreement between Masvingo Rural District Council (MRDC)
and the local authority.
Speaking during a Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Local
Government public hearing today, at the Civic Centre hall, held at the
behest of a petition by Masvingo United Residents and Rate
Alliance(MURRA), demanding answers on the use of devolution funds,
Masvingo Town Clerk, Edward Mukaratirwa, said the area will only be
incorporated after the delimitation exercise is done.
“Vic Ranch can only be handed over to us after the delimitation
exercise is done and when there is a legal agreement which is done for us to incorporate the area. The RDC is failing to offer services and what we
are doing is just helping residents in the area,” said Mukaratirwa.
The residents in the sprawling suburb have been enduring years of poor
services due to tussles between the MRDC, MCC and Victoria Ranch land
barons in the area over inclusion into the urban local authority.
The ruling party linked land barons who have amassed millions of dollars have now backed down
on initiating   proper service delivery provision, leaving residents
crying foul after they paid for some of the critical services including water and sewer reticulation as well as roads construction.
City of Masvingo said it has taken over the burden of offering water
in some parts of the area and is set to incorporate the area when the
Mucheke Trunk Sewer is complete.
Residents may also find themselves paying huge sums of money to be
connected on the trunk sewer project since land barons are now playing
hide and seek.