By Centre Lifestyle Reporter
“He who marries a beautiful wife and him who plants corn by the
roadside all have the same problem; insecurity,”
The above old age African adage sums up the current state of affairs
of a local flashy businessman, after his relationship with his
gorgeous partner collapsed like a deck of cards amid infidelity
All is reportedly not rosy for the once flourishing intimate
relationship between the local business magnate, Tasunungurwa Marisa,
and his bubbly lover, identified as Audrey Baur, after the two
allegedly split unceremoniously following an ugly spat on a social
media site.
‘Boss’ Marisa, the local ‘Mbinga’ and  the proprietor of Marisa
Worldwide, who was recently appointed to the business executive
committee of the Affirmative Action Group (AAG) recently took to his
Whatsapp Status to announce that his relationship with an erstwhile lover
had come to a squawking halt.
Marisa who hogged the limelight due to his massive wealth
accumulations accused her lover of being fond of living on a borrowed
glitzy life of travel, wild partying, and having many sexual partners.
“It’s better to stay single focused on my innocent kids rather than
falling in love with a bi*ch that focuses on going to party with
other bi*****es who focus on sleeping around with dozen men, kids
first got no time for playing, Amen”SIC, fumed Marisa.
Baur, could have none of it and hit back, just below the belt with
magnificent precision.
“Does anyone else want to go on holiday with me?” She rhetorically
asked before proceeding to hint that she was planning to disappear.
“I am thinking of going to the Bermuda Triangle and f******ng
disappear” Baur added.
Marisa was not done with her yet and maintained that he would rather
focus on fending for his family before posting a picture of his kids
captioned: “I work hard to feed my family not to go on holiday
spending money in b*****ch who come and go. Go do your fake life, I
got no time to playing.”
The spat was followed by massive circulation of screenshots of the
two’s status updates which generated attention-grabbing debate among
social media enthusiasts.
In one of the social groups, one user said: “Ama2000 will deal with
them, they don’t have respect what they want is spending and
The local Mbinga is also popular for hanging out with the late Harare
based Mbinga Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure who was notorious for living
lavishly and had a fascination for throwing massive parties.