By Tafadzwa Dzingayi, Midlands Reporter

PARENTS in Gweru’s Mkoba suburbs have expressed disappointmentover continued delay by government to complete a primary school in Mkoba 16 high density suburb eight years after construction started.

Construction of Takunda 2 primary school began in 2014 and only two blocks have been constructed so far, and little action is being taken to further construct other blocks.

A parent and resident of Mkoba who spoke to Centre News, Mirriam Jeke, said she had hoped the school would be complete by now but it’s still a dream they are yet to wake up from.

“We hoped that the school would have been completed by now considering it’s now eight years on. Everyone in the area hoped pupils from Mkoba16 and Mkoba 12 would be saved from travelling long distances but it seems we are still very far to see that happening,” said Jeke.

Another resident, Tinashe Badza, said if completion is expedited thiswould reduce the teacher to pupil ratio at Mkoba 4 and Takunda Primary schools in Mkoba 13.

“The few primary school available are practicing three hot sittings sessions and you can’t tell whether the pupils are coming in or out, so we hope Takunda 2 primary school gets completed as a matter ofurgency so that other pupils can shift from Takunda Primary in Mkoba13,” said Badza.

Government recommends a 1:40 teacher –pupil ratio at junior schools but at Takunda 1 and Mkoba 13, teachers are forced to teach up to 60 pupils in one class.

Midlands Provincial Education Director (PED), Jameson Machimbira, could not give the government side saying he was too busy to comment on the matter.

“I am too busy to comment right now get in touch later,” said Machimbira.

Residents and parents say calls on government to complete the school have fallen on deaf ears for the past eight years, as quality of education continues to deteriorate.