By Clayton Shereni

Zimbabwe boxing champion, Brendon Denes is set to exchange blows with an Azerbaijan boxer in India this Friday in what is expected to be a blockbuster fight.

Boika as Denes is popularly known will fight Roman Zakrov in a welterweight non title match.

The boxing sensation who has been training under the watchful eye of Charles Manyuchi expressed optimism and confidence ahead of the match.

“I am hoping to do the best for Masvingo and Zimbabwe as a whole. With the support that I am getting from fans, Doczine Petroleum, Regency Hotels and my coaches, it’s very much possible that I will win the match,” said Boika.

Zakrov and Denes are expected to trade blows for eight rounds.

Denes is going into the fight with a record of 9 wins and no loss and he seeks to stretch his winning streak to 10 wins.

His coach, Charles Manyuchi said they have prepared well and they are ready for the blockbuster. “We are 100 percent ready for the fight and we trained hard so we are going to win,” said Manyuchi.

The rising star once suffered an injury last year which forced him to withdraw from a high profile WBF fight.

However, he says he has fully recovered and is raring to go.

The boxer is being primarily bankrolled by fuel mogul Phillip Mapfumo of Doczine Petroleum Fuel Company.

Phillip Mapfumo (left) and Brendon Denes (right)