…police accused of protecting ‘drug lords’

By Centre News Reporter

Police officer addressing Mushandike pupils over issues of drug and substance abuse

Drug and substance abuse seems to be taking its toll amongst school-going children as all hell broke loose at Mushandike High School when over 50 children went berserk after consuming illicit drugs and brews over the past two days.

Of the 50 pupils 26 were girls ranging from the ages of 13 to 18 years  who are attending Form 1 to 6 classes.

The school which is located in Bhuka artisanal mining community faces a serious threat as authorities continue struggling to bring sanity at the institution due to uncontrolled alcohol and drug abuse.

It is reported that some business operators at the Bhuka Business Centre are selling drugs and illicit brew popularly known as Musombodhiya.

Drugs being abused include methylene edioxymethamphetamine commonly known as Mutoriro and some unnamed substances which are administered using injections.

Allegations are that some of the drugs are being sold at Bluemoon Night Club which is operated by a local businessman, Fullton Muguti.

However, Muguti refuted the allegations saying his nightclub only sell beers that are allowed under the country laws.

“We don’t sell drugs, my nightclub only sells legal alcoholic beverages. No drugs are being sold here,” Muguti said.

A blitz on pupils since Tuesday has led to the recovery of these drugs, illicit brews and sex enhancement pills.

The pupils were on July 7, 2022, taken to the police base where they were reportedly beaten after parents pressured school authorities for an end to the drugs madness.

However, the net is yet to close in on those who are selling the drugs and illicit alcoholic beverages to school-going children.

The school has allegedly been turned into a beer, drug and sex haven as the pupils engage in sex orgies after being intoxicated.

Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) officers stationed at the nearby camp stand accused of having a corrupt relationship with the suppliers and protecting them whenever concerns are raised by parents.

Masvingo police spokesperson, Inspector Kudakwashe Dhewa promised to investigate the allegations and also said they were engaging in serious drug awareness campaigns in schools and communities.

“We will look into that issue. As the police we have been doing crime and drug awareness campaigns in communities and schools. We have also arrested many drug peddlers who have been prosecuted and we urge members of the public to report such cases to the nearest police station,” said Dhewa.

However, Centre News has it on good authority that the School Head, Rosewita Mudarikwa is facing a stern test due to issues of sabotage and insubordination by teachers.

A parent who spoke to this publication, Andrew Moyo blamed teachers for not reporting for duty and going to prospect for gold during working hours.

“The situation is getting worse everyday because teachers are not reporting for duty. Some of them are going to mining fields during working hours so pupils are now abusing drugs and getting intoxicated on school premises. If teachers were up to the task, this would have never escalated,” said the parent.

Contacted for comment, Mudarikwa referred all questions to her superiors saying she is not authorized to speak to the press.

Provincial Education Director Shylatte Mhike said she hasn’t received the report and promised to look into the matter.

“I haven’t received any report pertaining to that issue. I will have to investigate about it first,” said Mhike.