Centre News Reporter

Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) President, Nelson Chamisa saluted multitudes of his supporters in Masvingo at a “thank you” rally at Mucheke Stadium, Sunday, for voting for his party despite concerted vote buying efforts by the ruling party using dirty money.

The charismatic leader brought Masvingo to a standstill and caused panic in the security circles as there was heavy police presence coupled with travel restrictions into and out of the CBD especially on routes leading to the venue.

Addressing a bumper crowd which braved the hot weather, Chamisa said they have no weapons and financial resources to use in the fight for democracy except a huge support base.

He thanked supporters from Masvingo who did not opt for ZANU PF candidates who were well resourced but rather voted for under resourced CCC candidates.

“You are our financial resources, our money, they use money to buy votes but you resisted their attempts as your hearts were bought by Change “, said Chamisa 

During the by election period CCC fielded some little known candidates such as Rocky Kamuzonda and Aleck Tabe who all cruised to victory despite being pitted against Zanu Pf candidates with financial muscle.

In his address Chamisa also urged security forces to be non-partisan and unbiased in their discharge of duties and not to align to any political party.

“I was talking to our soldiers, police and CIO this other day and I told them don’t be misled that your political party is Zanu PF. Soldiers belong to the country so are the police and CIO they don’t belong to any political party but the nation at large they serve anyone who is chosen by the people hence they must never be partisan,” said Chamisa much to the applause of his supporters.

Chamisa also preached peace to his supporters and hinted at the revival of defunct industries and creation of jobs in Masvingo.