Centre News Reporter

As political violence against members of Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) in Gutu continue unabated, the opposition party has claimed that Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP)’s hands are tied and can-not arrest ruling Zanu PF party perpetrators of violence.

A political parties  liaison meeting with ZRP held in Gutu to deliberate over  increased political violence in the district ahead of water-shed 2023 general elections revealed that Police confided with the participants that they are also scared to arrest perpetrators led by rogue Zanu PF thugs, Joseph Mudziwapasi and Tawanda Sarukore.

CCC leader in the Liaison meeting, Sesel Zvidzai told Centre News that Masvingo East Police Boss, Superintendent Taurai Joachim Mambure, told them that they should let the past incidents pass as they can-not make arrest, despite reports made at Mpandawana Police Station.

“The police in meeting indicated that their hands are tied and can-not arrest Zanu PF members who assaulted and abducted our members. They told us point black that we should forget about the past incidents reported and start working on preventing future cases of and we were not happy about that,” Zvidzai said.

The well-known boisterous Zanu PF youth leaders, Mudziwapasi and Sarukore led a reign of terror in and around Mupandawana growth point where they unleashed violence to known CCC supporters asking them to defect to their party.

Superintendent Mambure who heads Bikita and Gutu districts declined to comment over the claims that their hands are tied.

“We held the meeting and told the political parties what we expect from them to prevent violence and it’s up to you now to call them and find out whether they were satisfied with the meeting,  I have nothing else to say,” said Mambure.

But CCC expressed reservations over some of the outcomes of the meetings.

 “We were not amused by some of the meeting resolutions and we will look into that as a party and find a way forward, we may need to take the matter up coz the perpetrators are walking Scott free when they committed crimes,” Zvidzai added.

Centre News could not get a comment from Zanu PF party leader of the meeting, District Coordinating Committee (DCC) Chairman, Josphat Sarukoke who was not reachable.

 DCC chairman Sarukoke is brother to Tawanda who is one of the leaders of Zanu PF youths Terror gang.

However Zanu PF Masvingo Provincial Chairman, Robson Mavhenyengwa hailed the meeting objective of attempting to end violence and promote peace ahead of next year plebiscite.

“Our party has always preached peace and we condemn those that engage in political violence, our President last week called for peace while opening the new Parliament and we urge all political parties to stick to that, we hope that meeting will ensue that political violence ends in Gutu,” Mavhenyengwa said.

Political analysts say ZRP lacks power over Zanu PF and accused the law enforcement agent as an extension of the ruling party well known for selective application of the law.

Over 30 CCC supporters have since fled their homes with some allegedly living in the mountains following two weeks of the sway of terror.

Five Makumbe family brothers and Gutu councilor, Benard Chimwango’s wife were among those who were severely assaulted by the Mudziwapasi and Sarukore led terror gang.