By Cuthbert Mashoko.

History was written in the world of sport when South Africa defied the odds by successfully hosting the 2010 world soccer showcase much to the delight of the fans and the business community who ranked the maiden world cup extravaganza to be hosted on the African soil as one of the best in the annals of the beautiful game of football.

 All the negative speculations which had been raised by prophets of doom were proved to be mere rhetoric.

There seems to be a befitting comparison when Shingirirai Primary, a resettlement school in Mwenezi West hosted the Inter District Athletics Competitions on Friday the 10th of March.

Shingirirai Primary broke the jinx by becoming the first resettlement school to host the prestigious event in Mwenezi West District.

The competitions pitted Mwenezi East and Mwenezi West as they battled it out for glory.

The cream of the competition ultimately formed the Mwenezi Athletics team which will represent the district in Masvingo on Tuesday as the seven districts of Masvingo Province square it out in the National Association of Primary Heads (NAPH) Athletics competitions.

An electric atmosphere punctuated the event at Shingirirai Primary School which is located in the Southern part of Mwenezi District. 

The calmness in the villages which this writer drove through on his way to Shingirirai was enough indicator of where the people were.

Upon arrival, one could mistake the multitudes of elders who had gathered at the venue of the Inter District Competitions as party supporters of a popular party at a Star Rally. 

Ululations and dance from the local parents as they welcomed the visiting Mwenezi East team was a rare feet which evoked among many the beauty of the Indigenous African Culture.

In no space of time, the athletes and spectators assembled for the official opening of the event.

The host school, Shingirirai had the onus of singing the national anthem which they executed well.

 Tamiriraishe Dube, NAPH chairperson Mwenezi West officially opened the ceremony. In his opening remarks he acknowledged the support which the parents of the host cluster fourteen had rendered in ensuring that Shingirirai Primary meets the expected standards in order to host the Inter District Competitions.

He also congratulated Shingirirai Primary for being the first resettlement school to win the bid to host a tournament of that magnitude.

Dube reiterated the desire to ensure that, through sport NAPH will give equal opportunity to all schools as it takes the competitions to the deep corners of the district as a gesture of promoting oneness amongst schools.

After the opening remarks, vetting process was next. It was well conducted by School Heads as they checked the authenticity of athletes’ documents.

The competing age groups were, Under 11, Under 12, Under 13 and Under 14.

Soon after vetting, it was time for the competitions as the simian twins of Mwenezi battled for supremacy.

The overwhelming, roaring support from the spectators fueled the competitors to go an extra mile.

The bullet speed of Macvivian MaBoss Ngwenya of Mwenezi West and that of Blessed Shoko of Mwenezi East dazzled the fans as they proved to be Olympic material.

Ultimately it was Mwenezi West which carried the day by gunning forty one gold medals as Mwenezi East settled for thirty one.

The Host Head, Munashe ‘Ginger’ Chumachehore saluted NAPH for having faith in his school as the event proved beyond measure that Mwenezi is one.

In her closing remarks Mwenezi East NAPH Chairperson, Emaculate Chuma who is also the Head of Masongwe Primary School appreciated the level of competition that was displayed by the athletes.

She also commented the parents for turning up in their numbers in a bid to support their kids.