By Trust Rukwava
MASVINGO-Entertainment-starved fans were treated to scintillating
performances by Zimdance hall musicians, Killer T, Enzo Ishall and
Alchemy kept them on their toes throughout the show held at the
Caravan Park last weekend.
The musical show dubbed The Big Dig, The Great Outdoors Experience
lived up to expectations as thousands of patrons thronged the venue
and filled it to capacity.
Live stage performances for the first time in Masvingo by the 3
youthful music artists dazzled the fans and kept them tickled
throughout the show.
A fan-only identified as Giant expressed satisfaction after the show.
“Fun was had my brother I enjoyed watching Enzo and Killer performing
with a live band for the first time vasimudza chaunga vakomana”, he
Caravan Park spokesperson in charge of corporate and public
communication, Tavita Mpala, paid tribute to the multitudes who
attended the show and reiterated that the show was a huge success.
“All we can say is thank you Masvingo. The event fulfilled multiple
passions, from business, dance music, and tourism to food. The Dig concept
was introduced and was well received by attendees and we are so
excited to have created a new model that’s breaking the rules and shaping
an industry,” said Mpala

“With this being the first edition of the Annual Great Outdoors, the
event is set to be a mainstream event that thousands of people attend
every year. The response from Masvingo and beyond was humbling, the
acts were so electric that we danced from the afternoon till morning.
Our theme this year was ‘celebrating the diversity of Food, Music &
Dance’ and this was made possible by the various stakeholders who
partnered with us and we would also like to take this opportunity to
thank the business sector for believing in our dream of making
Masvingo is the tourism destination of Choice” added Mpala.