By Centre News Reporter

OUTGOING Masvingo Mayor, Collen Maboke, who has been at the helm of council business since 2018 has reflected on his ‘successful tenure’ with the city including undertaking massive and remarkable infrastructure growth among other achievements in quality service delivery provision in the city.  

The projects which are dotted across the city been instrumental in the improvement of service delivery provision which had been on the decline over in the years preceding his tenure.

Maboke spearheaded various projects chief among them the construction of the recently commissioned Runyararo North West Clinic, Rujeko Secondary School which has eased pupil enrolment at overpopulated high schools in Mucheke suburb and the Cambria Farm landfill which is at 98 percent completion.

Speaking to this publication, Maboke said they have worked hard to improve service delivery and the city is now investor-friendly due to hard work.

“It is our duty as second tier of Government to deliver quality and affordable services to the residents of Masvingo. Investor-friendly processes and procedures are now in place eliminating red tape. We have improved the administrative systems so as to promote investment in the City,” said Maboke.

He also called upon everyone to set aside differences and use their energy towards building Masvingo.

“It is imperative that we burry our differences, focus on the same direction, use our energy and diversity to build Masvingo for current and future generations with pride,” added Maboke.

Despite facing many economic challenges during Maboke’s tenure, the local authority has strived to complete the Mucheke Trunk Sewer which is almost 80 percent complete, street lighting has also improved while servicing of new stands has been one of key priorities.

The city has also implemented Emergency Roads Rehabilitation Program (ERRP) which is being funded by government and council offering technical support.

Maboke has also led the city in launching a Service Delivery Charter which was designed by residents’ representative organization Masvingo United Residents and Ratepayers Alliance (MURRA).