By Centre News Reporter

GIANT lithium producers, Sino Mine Bikita Minerals has dispelled claims that government has ‘totally’ shutdown their plant over allegations of lithium leakages and labour rights abuses saying it’s a temporary measure to address some administrative issues.

In a press statement in possession of Centre News, Mine manager, David Mwanza, set the record straight saying they have temporarily halted operations for seven days to settle certain administrative concerns from the regulating authority.

“This release serves to inform our stakeholders and partners that we have put operations at our plant on hold for 7 days to address administrative concerns raised by authorities,” said Mwanza.

According to Mwanza’s press statement, the Chinese owned company took this bold move in compliance with laws and recommendations made by government towards regularizing operations at the plant.

“As a law abiding corporate, we remain committed to fully comply with all requirements of the law and expect to resume operations once all the outstanding issues have been addressed. In the meantime, the company’s leadership is working closely with all relevant authorities to ensure that the matter is resolved within the stipulated time frame,” added Mwanza.

The mine which employs 860 workers will see some of its workers in the care and maintenance sector reporting for duty during this period while those off-duty have been assured of their remuneration.

“During this 7-day period all employees are to stay at their homes and residences except for those in care and maintenance. Those on essential services will be required to perform their prescribed duties,” further reads the statement.

Sino Mine which is listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange is also expected to employ more 1500 workers to boost production and become one of the leading mining employers in the country.

With the lithium business booming, Sino Mine has increased its daily production of petalite almost doubling since the Chinese took over operations at Bikita Minerals.