By Clayton Shereni

MOVED by its commitment towards improving access to health for the less privileged, Bikita Minerals recently bailed out a two year old boy by paying for his medical bills towards an urgent operation on his throat.

Medical bills amounting to US$1 200 have been paid by the mine after the family failed to raise money in time for the operation to remove a swelling on his throat.

The boy, Takudzwa Mudzemeti, was operated successfully at NORAZ private clinic in Masvingo on Thursday, June 15, 2023.

Family representative, Chipo Zvokuvengwa, thanked mine authorities for their kind gesture of saving the life of her niece.

“I would like to thank Bikita Minerals for this kind gesture. We had lost hope but after approaching mine authorities, we were assured that they would assist us and they have done what they promised us,” said Zvokuvengwa.

Takudzwa was born with a lump on his throat and it has been growing hence medical specialists recommended that he gets operated as soon as possible.

Bikita Minerals also provided an ambulance that ferried the patient to and from Bikita.

Mine Manager, David Mwanza who was present at the medical facility before the operation reiterated their commitment to improving healthcare access in Bikita and surrounding communities.

“This is all part of the bigger picture of corporate social responsibility that Sino Mine Bikita has deliberately undertaken in order to assist the vulnerable communities in any way possible,” said Mwanza.

Recently a girl from Zimuto was also assisted by the mine as she underwent an operation and is recuperating at home.

The mine has been undertaking various corporate social responsibilities in and around Bikita District.

Some of the notable developments include roads rehabilitation, opening of Shumbaimwe Clinic among other notable projects dotted around the district.

It is also in the process of setting up a US$22million power line stretching from Tokwe that will benefit Bikita, Zaka and Gutu districts.