By Clayton Shereni
ACCESS to water is fundamental and Bikita Minerals is currently walking the talk in working towards improving access to water in Masvingo province.
The mine which is in an overdrive to improve access to basic amenities has now shifted main focus to improve access to water especially in rural communities of Masvingo.
Of late, the mine has initiated drilling of boreholes across the province; six in Masvingo west, six in Masvingo North and seven in Bikita West.
They are also targeting to drill an additional 10 boreholes in Bikita South and East.
Speaking to this publication, mine manager, David Mwanza said they are targeting to improve livelihoods in marginalized communities through income generating projects and
“As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), we have a theme that, water is life, and we want to reduce the walking distance to a 1 kilometre especially in rural communities to allow families to generate income from green gardening, improve nutrition and avert disease outbreaks,” said Mwanza.
Bikita Minerals has made strides in CSR across the province as it seeks to improve livelihoods of marginalized groups.
In recent months, they have been upgrading roads and access to healthcare.
Some of the boreholes being drilled in Bikita West will be solar-powered.
The mine is also working on a power line from Tokwe that is set to improve power supply in at-least thrre districts in Masvingo Province.