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TEAMS currently participating in the Zifa Eastern Region Soccer League (ERSL) have demanded an urgent election, fair treatment, and an improved administration by the football mother body in the country, Centre News can reveal.

This came out during a heated Annual General Meeting (AGM) held at Great Zimbabwe Hotel on June 17, 2023.

Speaking to this publication after the meeting, some team representatives present at the meeting revealed that they made it clear to ERSL leadership that their term is long overdue and are supposed to convene an election to elect new leadership.

“We were clear with them and teams were in agreement that there is a need for an urgent election since the current leadership is now beyond its term. It was also highlighted that match officials need to improve to avoid putting the game into disrupt because of-late we our regional standards have dropped dismally,” said the participant. 

The meeting which lasted up to 5 pm from 9am saw team representatives demanding a progressive approach to the game. 

In recent weeks, violence has erupted during matches as allegations of match-fixing by referees and bribing of Zifa ERSL officials pop out. 

Currently, the ERSL board has only three elected officials from the previous elective AGM while others occupying positions were co-opted. 

Addressing the press after the meeting, ERSL vice chairperson, Wisdom Simba said they had a fruitful engagement with team representatives and revealed that they are yet to get an exact date from their national leadership on when to hold the much-awaited elections. 

“Our meeting was productive, teams had their concerns and we will work to address them. So far, the season is progressing well. As for the elective AGM, we are still waiting for official communication from Zifa national on when we can conduct the election,” said Simba. 

The elective AGM was supposed to be held over a year ago but was postponed on numerous occasions for various reasons including Covid-19 restrictions.

ERSL chairperson, Davison Muchena will seek another term whilst Special Matarirano who is eyeing the same position has reportedly gained ground with support from many teams as he has promised a new trajectory. 

Meanwhile, the region has also been operating without a substantive administrator since the retirement of veteran administrator Thadeus Machawira two years ago.

However, Simba revealed that they have received two applications for the post and will soon conduct interviews to fill in the post.