By Clayton Shereni

Masvingo traditional leader, Chief Murinye, who was viciously attacked at a funeral on Wednesday, June 28, has blamed his counterpart Chief Mugabe for having a hand in the incident which he says is motivated by a boundary dispute.

Murinye, born Ephias Munodawafa, was thoroughly clobbered and chased away from a funeral after he had approached Village head Daniel Zindoga’s family which intended to bury Zindoga’s son at a ‘sacred place’.

Centre News is reliably informed that Zindoga’s son succumbed to cerebral malaria in Bindura and his relatives decided to bury him in his home village of Ward 33b under Chief Murinye.

However, on Tuesday night village heads Zindoga and Munyaradzi Gwembe reportedly approached Chief Murinye informing him of the decision.

The Chief then went to the deceased’s homestead to negotiate with the family not to bury him at the ‘sanctified place’ a move which reportedly did not go well with the late son’s wife family members who in turn started to attack the chief and three police officers that had accompanied him.

In a video doing rounds on social media, Chief Murinye in a green T-shirt is seen assaulted by men and women before escaping as police failed to rescue him.

Contacted for comment, Murinye confirmed the unfortunate incident and said it was motivated by boundary disputes with his counterpart Chief Mugabe.

“Yes, we were attacked by the in-laws of village head Zindoga and some from the Chikarudzo area. There are a lot of lies and conspiracy theories coming being said but the truth of the matter is that we went there to stop them from burying their relative at a sacred place we even gave them an alternative place but they refused.

“People from the Mugabe area are behind this, they want to cause chaos and encroach into my area. They are even going as far as involving political figures but this is my area no one from Mugabe has a right over my area,” said Chief Murinye.

However, Chief Mugabe born, Matubede Mudavanhu,  denied the allegations and had no kind words for Chief Murinye whom he counter-accused of encroaching into his area.

“Iye Murinye ndiye akatovakira kumhiri kwangu, anofanira kutobva, ibenzi remunhu. Zvezvavakaitirana parufu handinei nazvo ndirikutozvihwawo izvezvi_,” fumed Chief Mugabe.

Masvingo provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Kudakwashe Dhewa said he was yet to receive the report.

However, Centre News has it on good authority that a police report was made at Masvingo Rural Police Station and the accused are expected to appear in court today.