By Clayton Shereni

Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader, Nelson Chamisa has bemoaned the continuous exploitation of natural resources by foreign-owned companies that do not give back to communities but rather loot natural resources to their home countries.

addressing a rally at Mhandamabwe Shopping Centre on Wednesday recently , Chamisa decried the untamed looting of natural resources which he said must primarily benefit locals and develop marginalized communities.

“It’s very worrisome to see our natural resources being looted by foreign investors. Locals are living in abject poverty when Chinese firms are busy looting raw minerals to develop their own countries. My government will see to it that locals become primary beneficiaries of minerals extraction not foreigners,” said Chamisa.

The opposition leader  promised his supporters that he will reduce the size of cabinet ministers once elected into power.

He said he will take the bold move to reduce the government’s wage bill which he says is a burden on the citizenry.

“Once we get into power, I am going to reduce my cabinet to a maximum of 15 ministers. There is no need to have a big number of ministers and burden citizens. My government will minimize its wage bill and avoid unnecessary expenditure,” added Chamisa.

Zimbabwe is witnessing a boom in mining activities especially lithium and gold with foreign companies taking center stage.

However, Chinese and Indian firms that are operating across the country stand accused of exporting raw minerals without value addition.

This has been alluded to the government’s soft spot for Chinese firms in-line with the Look East policy which was introduced by the late leader Robert Mugabe.

In Masvingo, Rio Zim and Bikita Minerals have attracted massive criticism from workers’ unions and some community leaders who believe these companies are looting but failing to develop the communities they are found in.