By Clayton Shereni
ZANU PF Masvingo provincial leadership has slammed the opposition
outfit Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) accusing it of perpetrating
political violence against their supporters in the province.
The ruling party’s spokesperson for Masvingo, Pepukai Chiwewe said
they have received numerous reports of election violence against their
members in various districts which they claim have been reported to
the police.
“Our campaign is going on well but we have received reports that some
of our members are being verbally assaulted and some beaten for
wearing Zanu PF regalia by CCC supporters, some of our supporters have
their clothes torn. This is happening in areas like Bikita, Zaka, and
Gutu,” said Chiwewe.
However, Chiwewe said he was out of the office and could not give
specific case numbers of the assault cases which he said have since
been reported to the police.
Masvingo police spokesperson, Inspector Kudakwashe Dhewa said he was
out of office when contacted for comment referring all questions to
his deputy Assistant Inspector Lorraine Ndlovu.
“I am currently out of the office but you can call Assistant Inspector
Ndlovu she will assist you,” said Dhewa.
However, Assistant Inspector Ndlovu directed all questions to national
police spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi, who could not
be drawn to comment by the time of publishing.
The allegations come hot on the heels as CCC is crying foul and
accusing the ruling party of massive political violence and
intimidation of the electorate and its members.
CCC Masvingo interim spokesperson, Advocate Dereck Charamba told
Centre News that Zanu PF is hiding behind a finger and are the main
culprits of violence.
“That is not true, they are the ones who beat up our people and then
rush to make false reports to the police. The situation is pathetic in
Gutu district where we have been representing people after Zanu PF
members made false allegations to the police. We have no time or
energy for violence,” said Charamba.
Forever Associates of Zimbabwe (FAZ) a shadowy Zanu PF affiliate
organization also stands accused of violence and massive intimidation
in rural areas across the country.
Zimbabwe goes to the polls on August 23, 2023, and election watchdogs
have warned political parties and their supporters to desist from
political violence.