Dear Diabolic Sengezo.

We hear you are now protected by the C.I.O, the military and the police. Surely you can’t walk freely in the streets. People will tear you into pieces you know it. People are very angry with you. You are a dangerous political idiot. A political prostitute, a Judas Iscariot who because of the love for money decided to be used by Zanu Pf to take away the people’s right to choose their leaders. Surely you are an enemy of democracy.

You are a tribalist. You choose to divide people along tribal lines. Why do you bring in the issue of Shonas and Ndebeles in your recalls? Why do you talk of people from Masvingo being imposed in Bulawayo? Are you trying to preach that all members of parliament in Bulawayo should be Ndebele?

Do you know Joshua Nkomo was named Father Zimbabwe “Chibwechitedza”? You are a shallow minded political idiot. Do you want to open the wounds of Gukurahundi?

Do you want the Shona people to say Ndebele people should go back to Zululand? Do you know that Mzilikazi came to Zimbabwe with only two hundred people?

Do you know all Ndebele speaking people with Moyo, MPofu, Sibanda, Ndlovu, and Ncube surnames have Shona blood flowing in them? Is there an Ndebele word like Moyo? Pouf is Mhofu.

 Do you know Ncube is Shoko? The Ndebele people learnt about totems from the Shona people. Pure Ndebele people like the Khumalo are very few. I’m sure Shona blood is flowing in you idiot

. Winning in Bulawayo is because even the Ndebele people voted for those Shona candidates.

You will win those court cases because the courts are captured by Zanu Pf, but we will never forgive you for disrespecting the will of the people.

We know you will get a farm, cars, gold and a lot of money as reward for destroying CCC and giving Zanu Pf a two thirds majority in Parliament but one day you will pay for your sins. Definitely God will punish you one day.

Do you know millions of the people voted for Nelson Chamisa? Do you know millions voted for CCC? If you are the interim Secretary General of CCC, then who is your president. Where are the minutes of the party meetings which endorsed the recalls?

If you are not being used by Zanu pf and the captured courts, what’s so special about you that you alone even if you are under a tree, you can recall leaders elected by millions of people?

Even you are the Secretary General, do you mean to say you alone can recall any elected leaders as you wish. Surely you want to bury democracy and history will judge you harshly. Usada mari kudaro mhani iwe.       

Yours disappointed.

Ronald Terence Mhofu.