Centre News Reporters.

Scores of land eviction victims in Masvingo were left fuming yesterday after President Emmerson Mnangagwa chose to ignore the current land eviction saga during his address at the Robert Mugabe National Youth Day celebrations at Mushagashe Training Centre.

Mnangagwa flew into the evictions storm yesterday accompanied by his deputy Kembo Mohadi who ironically chose to spearhead the endorsement of his boss’ 3rd term bid instead of focusing on the land issues.

Victims of the land eviction who attended the youth celebrations had anticipated that President ED would intervene and comment on the evictions fiasco but he remained mum on the subject in his almost 1 hour long address

An eviction victim, Byron Gamanya from Bhuka said he was disappointed by ED’s silence on the matter since he felt that as the number one in the country, he would take the opportunity of his visit in Masvingo to resolve the matter and save thousands of villagers from being landless.

“I was frustrated, to say the least, I traveled to the ceremony thinking that ED would rescue us by saying something about the chaotic eviction but he never bothered to utter a single word, if we can’t get assistance from him then it’s over for us we are now landless,” fumed Gamanya.

Another Villager, Miriam Mambo from Sikato said ED’s deliberate silence on the issue after visiting the province has convinced them that he may be part of the grant programme to evict them.

“I now believe that the President is part of the cabal that is evicting us ,I think he is the  one who gave a directive to evict us so we have no way to go and appeal our case now,” she said.

Some villagers allege that is now clear that the issue is political and emanates from last year’s elections.

ED ,  his MPs, and councilors were pummeled in peri-urban centers where the evictions are rampant.

Most evictions are in Masvingo West, where the Member of Parliament, Provincial Minister, Ezra Chadzamira won by a small margin against CCC’ Pedzisai Gasva.

Chadzamira garnered 10 472 votes against Gasva’s 9458. Villagers think they are being punished for failing to give Zanu PF a resounding victory in Masvingo West.

They blame Chadzamira for masterminding the evictions because he was furious after he nearly lost his constituency to CCC.

Centre News could not get a comment from Chadzamira who did not pick up his phone when contacted but flanked by provincial army generals and Provincial police commanders at a recent Press conference he told reporters that all the land in the country belongs to President Mnangagwa alone.

Centre News could not also get a comment from President Mnangagwa’s spokesperson, George Charamba.

However political analysts say that the evictions are violations of basic human rights like the right to shelter.

Some villagers have since approached the High Court to appeal against the eviction orders from Masvingo Magistrates courts. At the same time, rights groups like Communities in Action Platform(CAP) have also approached the courts seeking protection orders for villagers from the Police and Ministry of Lands.

Over 3,000 villagers have been arraigned before the courts in Masvingo and granted eviction orders from the land they acquired during the chaotic land reform program 24 years ago.

Some allege that they have been ditched by their party which they have been voting for since 2000.